Making waves with Fall Girl - that summer time single!

A nice little review of Fall Girl's awesome new single 'Anywhere', to be released on 13th June 2018. I was lucky enough to take hold of the guitars and the final stages of mixing and production here. Check it out, it's available to pre order NOW!

'The fuzzy reverb of a Shoegaze instrumentals has never failed to captivate me, however the contrast between the distorted grinding guitar and Fall Girl’s vocals in her latest single Anywhere was compelling beyond measure. Anywhere is much more than your average Indie anthem, it’s steeped in waves of pensive catharsis which simply wash over you as your caught between the soaring, sweet vocals and the anthemic, almost Post Punk riffs. To create her latest single, which is due for release later this month Coventry, UK based singer songwriter Fall Girl teamed up with Jay Man Sun to create a track which fans of Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth will adore. The uplift on the guitars on the bride in Anywhere is as ethereal as soundscapes come.

Anywhere by Fall Girl feat. Jay Man Sun is available for pre-release from May 23rd, 2018 and will be available to download and stream across all platforms from June 13th, 2018. Follow Fall Girl on Facebook to stay up to date with all her future releases and tour dates, or just to tell her that she’s awesome.'

Review by Amelia Vandergast