Biography -

Typical beginnings. A love of music from an early age. Memories of ears to the woofer cones of father’s oversized floor standing speakers. Looking desperately for tiny little cock rockers with mini guitars inside the speaker port. Running up and down the stairs to express the adrenaline rush induced by the soaring choruses from a retrospectively tasteless family record collection. Dancing techniques still limited.

Fast forward towards largely self taught guitar techniques, learning licks and tricks from common idols and monthly muso magazines, getting into the stomp boxes a bit too much and all of that. Pass through the school and college bands, home studio albums, a degree in Sonic Arts, and bits of live sound engineering. Moving on to more half-baked band rehearsals and half-baked gigs, huge gaps in creativity, some career changes and off grid nomadic life choices. The life as a working touring musician was a dream that became a plan that became a dream again that eventually died.

The wind changed when a chance to run away with a travelling circus occurred. A happy accident led to a daily stage appearance singing a co-written and rather extravagant ballad to one of the closing trapeze acts. Running back behind the sound desk to cough and carry on mixing, after about a hundred shows and consistent positive feedback about the singing voice, Jay Man Sun eventually decided to become the front man of his next project, at the time something yet to be explored.

Life experience brought more to write about. Poetry flowed for the first time in a while. Ideas flowed with a ukulele in the bath in Hong Kong. Practical experience and the advancement of technology helped greatly to create the majority of final takes whilst on the road inside a self-made glamping van. Vocals recorded in beach shacks on tropical Islands between tours, makeshift wardrobe vocal booths sufficed in substandard student accommodation in Brooklyn. When in the U.K, canal boat life was often perfect for recording late into the night, with neighbours being mostly sheep. Where 24-hour power was a challenge IKEA was often a great space for long hours of mixing 'in the box’. Plug sockets and bottomless coffee. Everything came into place at the right time. Now is the time for Jay Man Sun.